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Drigus #d261: Fellclaw
Welcome to The Silver Unicorn, home of the Drigus. The Drigus has been adopted out since 1997, and has the distinction of being one of (if not the) first genetic cyberpets.

The first thing to remember about the Drigus is that the proper plural of Drigus is Drigetti. Drigetti are very sensitive about this point, so please remember it. Drigetti are a mix between tigers, dragons, and horses. I'm not sure quite how this happened, but I think it has something to do with magic. Drigetti are often moody creatures, and tend to be territorial. They are all omnivores, but usually prefer meat. Their prefered climate is desert, although they are capable of living in a variety of conditions if needed. Drigetti spend most of their time on the ground, but will often hunt from the air, swooping on their prey and breathing fire. They have excellent vision. Drigetti are fully sentient (self-aware) and able to speak human languages.

While most Drigetti show the influence of all three animals that went into their making, individuals tend to show the influence of one animal more than the others. They do have some traits that are more likely to show up than others. Any particular Drigus trait can be either recessive, dominante, or superdominant (meaning that it will "hide" even dominant genes). Some drigetti traits have a super-recessive option as well. Please scroll down to the drigus genetics section for more information.

Here are some helpful links:

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Rules of Adoption
    Adoption Rules
  • Drigetti will not be started until the payment agreed upon is received by me (Silvanon). Once payment is received, it will be given out as soon as I have it done. If the Drigus is a freebie giveaway, it will be given out as soon as I have it done.
  • Any Drigus posted on an internet page must have a link back to one of my pages. (http://www.geocities.com/silvanon, http://www.silvanon.com, or one of the pages on the above sites)
  • Any Drigus not obtained through commission (payment of actual money) must be posted on an internet page or a Pony Island presentation page, and must be registered in the URL post at the Orchard. You do not need to be a member of the board to post.
  • Drigus images are copywrite to me, Silvanon, and may not be used or redistributed without my express written permission. You may not claim the images as your own or claim that you created them.
  • No adopter may use more than one alias to adopt more Drigetti than what they would normally receive.
  • Many drigetti are named in Gavanian, although they do not have to be. No Drigus name may be vulger or unbefitting of a sentient creature. The Gavanian language is copywritted to me, Silvanon, and many not be used for commercial purposes without my permission. I do allow other types of cyberpets to be named in Gavanian, as long as such naming is not a commercial venture.
  • Anyone readopting or buying a Drigus may not change said Drigus's name without my permission. I rarely give permission.
  • Persons adopting through Pony Island may link to their Drigus's image on my server in order to post it on their Pony Island presentation page, if they so desire.
  • I will impose other rules as seems sensical and fair to me.

    Breeding Rules

  • To breed, the person requesting the breeding must have the permission of both owners of the parent Drigetti. Other than the owners of the parent Drigettis, the only other person who must approve of the breeding is myself, Silvanon. Anyone else found attempting to impose breeding restrictions on Drigetti not belonging to themselves, regardless of reason, will have all non-commission Drigetti abandoned immediately, and all commissioned Drigetti declared forevermore unbreedable.
  • To breed, both parent Drigetti must be posted, and their information either on the parent's list, or on the registry post at the Orchard.
  • A Drigus must be paid for before it is breedable.


  • Any person found breaking the above rules may have their Drigetti and/or other creatures adopted from Silvanon readopted to other people. They may also be banned from adopting, or have their Drigetti declared unbreedable. Other punishments may be imposed, as I feel is fair and reasonable.

Drigus Genetics

For each Drigetti trait, a drigus inherites two genes, one from the father, and one from the mother. Most drigetti traits have three different manifestations, the dragonish, the horsei-sh, and the tigerish. Some have a third mixed manifestation. For each trait, a particular manifestation can be dominate, recessive, superdominate, or super-recessive. A superdominate gene will hide anything. A dominate gene will hide any type of recessive gene. A recessive gene will hide a super-recessive gene, and a super-recessive gene is only manifested if the drigus inherites two of them.

Here is a list of drigetti traits and the status of their different manifestations. "D" is for dragon, "h" for horse, and "t" is for tiger, and "m" is for mix. Capital letters stand for dominant traits, and lower-case are for recessives. A letter with a "*" by it indicates a "super."

superdominate: H*
dominate: T
recessive: d

dominate: D
recessive: t

superdominante: D*
recessive: h

superdominate: D*
dominate: H
recessive: m
super-recessive: t*

superdominate: T*
dominate: H
recessive: d

dominate: Orange
recessive: white

dominate: Yes
recessive: no

dominate: No
recessive: yes

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