Firebelly Dragon Parents List

Firebelly Dragons are a fairly small breed of dragon, ranging from 4 to 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Their name comes from the brilliant fire-toned scales that most of the species have on their bellies. The majority of Firebelly Dragons have two-toned scales. A one-toned Firebelly Dragon is considered both rare and particularly lucky.

Firebelly Dragons may have a variety of traits. They may have anywhere from two to several horns on their heads, they may have spikes running along their backs, and some have a horse-like mane on their neck. The tail may end in a traditional dragon "heart," in a tuffed of fur, in spikes, or without any adornment at all. Firebelly eyes are most commonly blue, but other colors have been seen as well.

Firebelly dragons generally have leathery wings, with three "fingers" which carry the same color as the body, and sail portions, which are often fire-colored, but may also carry other coloration. It has been rumored that Firebelly Dragons with feathered wings have been observed, but if this trait exists it is very uncommon.

Firebelly dragons are generally very social, and will form groups called Flares for breeding purposes. Dragons outside of Flares do not breed, and an individual will only breed with other members of it's own Flare. Flares range in size from two individuals to several hundred. Some Firebelly Dragons form close bonds and will become a mated pair, but this is not the norm.

Firebellies may be named anything, so long as it is not vulger. May Firebellies are named in Gavanian.

Firebelly Dragon

IDNameOwnerGenderParentsName MeaningChildren
firebelly4Jamaleina'FelaSyraF--Imagined Jewel--
firebelly6Tih're'iavaLexingtonM--From the Earth--
firebelly7Guendolna'dallininIndigo MoonF--Dungeon's Keeper--
firebelly8Kyvear’dyamKryosF--Flaming Orchid--
firebelly9Valiina KomekCrystalM--Winged Demon--
firebelly10Llanaisfa'zyita'gavnaZelda324F--Beautiful Butterfly Berry--
firebelly11CireshnamirithLady LM--Poet's Dance--

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