The Silver Unicorn
A swirl of magic. The rush of elements. A land in creation.

Click-and-Take Instructions
Any creature you see who is labeled as "looks like it wants to go home with you." is a click-and-take. Meaning anyone and everyone who would like to adopt that creature may do so. If you choose to take a creature, please link it back to when you post it, so people know where you got it from. No creatures found on this adventure may be adopted out elsewhere. All artwork is copyrighted to Silvanon.

Special Instructions for the 100's Event
Currently we are celebrating the 100th Buzzle, the 100th Zebracorn, and the 1200th Painted Unicorn. Somewhere in Allonia you will find a drawing for the 100th Buzzle, one for the 100th Zebracorn, and one for the 1200th Painted Unicorn. The drawings are separate and will be found on different pages.

In addition, there are several Buzzles and Paints scattered throughout Allonia. Each Buzzle or Paint has with it a unique code. When you encounter one of these Buzzles or Paints, make note of the code. When you've collected as many codes as you can find, you can enter the multi-Buzzle-Paint drawing by filling out the entry form here. In the entry information box, list the codes in order of prefrence for which Buzzles/Paints you would like to adopt. (For example: If Buzzle 1 has code ABC, Buzzle 2 has code DEF, and Paint 1 has a code of GHI, and your first choice is Paint 1, your second choice is Buzzle 2, and your third choice is Buzzle 1, then you would put the codes as GHI, DEF, ABC). To be considered to adopt a certain Buzzle or Paint, you must have listed its code in your entry form. Only one entry per player (not sub account) may be submitted, so make sure you've found all the Buzzles and Paints you want to find before submitting your entry. Persons found submitting more than one entry will be disqualified from the drawing. I will stop accepting entries for this drawing on Saturday, July 8th at 20:00 PI time (that's 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon, Eastern time). Winners of the draw will be announced shortly after that time.

There are also several Buzzle items scattered around Allonia. Each item has a code listed with it as well. To gain an item, be the first person to email Silvanon at For the title of the email, put "Buzzle Item:" and the code of the item. Inside the body of the email, put the item name, item code, and the filename of the page where you found the item. Also include your name in the email. For example, if you found a Pear on page H-2, with code Baby, you would send an email titled Buzzle Item: Baby, and inside it would say "Pear, code Baby, on page H-2, my name is Silvanon." Each person may win only one item.

On to the adventure....

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