Lainie Parents List

Lainies are Allonia's deer. Both males and females have deer bodies and cloven hooves. Males have antlers, whereas females have horse-like manes. Lainie foals always have spots running along their backs, and some adults retain their spots. Others develope white throat-patches. The belly is generallly white.

Lainies come in a variety of colors. Each color in a Lainie's coat represents a different trait, which in turn determines the Lainie's personality and magical abilities. Here is a listing of currently known colors and the traits that go with them:

White: Faith
Blue: Divine Nature
Red: Individual Worth
Green: Knowledge
Orange: Choice and Accountability
Yellow: Good Works
Purple: Integrity
Brown: Hope
Gold: Charity
Silver: Friendship
Black: Courage
Grey: Preparation
Pink: Kindness

Most lainies will carry more than one color. The most dominante color carries the most weight in deciding the Lainie's personality and magical abilities.

Lainies can be named anything, so long as it is not vulgar, but they are often named in Gavanian, and their names generally have something to do with their color traits.


IDNameOwnerGenderParentsName MeaningChildren
lainie1CobaltReptile GirlM------
lainie2LaurelReptile GirlF------
lainie4Vylin'IonedragoM--Diving Illusion--
lainie5Don'UvilSunBlindM--Sun Spirit--
lainie6Alika'alaIvySpringF--Distant Dream--
lainie10Igrethear'alainArielleM--Fighting Dreamer--
lainie11HundanpavaTloueyM--Mountain Summit--
lainie12Neretet'yovArborwinF--Satellite Ear--

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