Crystal Unicorns

More Crystal Unicorns....a mare quietly looks at you. Her eyes seem almost to reflect your own soul back to you. The thunder of hooves sounds behind you. You turn to see a winged stallion take off. His spotted coat ripples with his movement, the illusion of sparkling fairy dust swirling in the wind.

Jesen'Kze Llevin'Celi

Name: Jesen'Kze
Meaning: Looking Glass
ID: 080
Gender: Mare
Species: Crystal Unicorn
Mother: Kliy'Hyu (F)
Father: Loki (H)
Birth Band: Y^zin'Ar's Band
Current Band: Dalli'trolai
From: ShatterStars
Name: Llevin'Celi
Meaning: Fantasy Dust
ID: 108
Gender: Stallion
Species: Crystal Unicorn
Mother: Wild
Father: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Current Band: Dalli'trolai
From: ShatterStars

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