Painted Unicorn Rules & Information

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About Painted Unicorns

Painted Unicorns (or Paints for short) are unicorns that come in all colors of the rainbow. Paints come in three main sizes, and a variety of differnet traits. Paints are magical creatures, with several different areas of expertise. You can find more information down below in the Classes & Glories section.

There are two main types of Painted Unicorns: Traditional Painted Unicorns, which are each individualy hand-drawn and colored with colored pencils, and Tablet Paints, which are templated computer colored Paints.

Paints also have a cousin species called Zebracorns. Zebracorns have non-straight horns (usually curved back), and will have bat wings instead of feathered wings in the Ni- and Che- classes. Their heads are more roman-nosed, their manes are short and stick up, and they tend to have shorter legs and rounder bellies than Paints. They also generally have striped coats. Zebracorns are fully interbreedable with Paints. Any individual with any Zebracorn blood is considered a Zebracorn, but the Zebracorn traits are more diluted as the Zebracorn blood becomes more diluted. Zebracorns are not templated like Tablet Paints.

Finally, sometimes individuals pop up who display characteristics not possible in Paints or Zebracorns. These individuals can be wildly different from Paints and from each other, but they are all classified as Specials. Specials don't fit into Classes or Glories. Specials are not templated like Tablet Paints.

You can see examples of Traditional Painted Unicorns, Tablet Paints, Zebracorns and Specials by searching the Parents List. To see which Classes have been templated for Tablet Paints already (and thus are available for customs) click on the Tablet Paint Classes link above.

Painted Unicorns are now an interactive site, where you can have your own account, which you can log into. From your Painted Unicorns account, you can search Allonia for Painted Unicorn items. These items allow you to do various things with your Paints through your account, such as breed them and request custom Paints. You can also update your owner information, update your Paint's URLs, trade Paints and trade Paint Items. To get access to your Painted Unicorns account, please either PM Silvanon on Pony Island, or email her at

Paint Classes & Glories

Each Painted Unicorn, Tablet Paint, and Zebracorn belongs to a Glory and a Class. All Paints have magical powers, but they are usually have more natural talent in one type of magic than in another. Paints are grouped into Glories based on their magical tendancies.

There are six different possible Glories.

Iava Quiesta (Earth Tones)--Paints in this Glory will be good with Earth magic and natural forces. They may have some control of the weather.

Filanasta (Celestials)--Paints in this Glory will be good with the air and weather, and rythems of the universe.

Eilli Havala (Light Fantastic)--Paints in this Glory will be good with chance, fate, mystery and high magic.

Unlasta se Cassta (Times and Seasons)--Paints in this Glory will be good with time, doorways, beginings and endings, and seasonal magic.

Cora Finien (Heartfelt)--Paints in this Glory will be good with emotions, high magic, and healing.

Techia (Ancient)--Paints in this Glory are throwbacks to the original unicorns of Allonia. Only a pure white theli, nitheli, dontheli, or nidontheli Paint has the possibility of belonging to Techia. Paints in this Glory will be excellent with high magic, healing and purifying.

A Paint's Class refers to its body type.

Theli --light body
Yeva --heavy body
Nai --pony body

These three main types may have prefixes and suffixes added to reflect additional features. These are listed in the same order they come in if there is more than one prefix or suffix added. For example, Don comes before Ni, so if a theli Paint has both, it's a Donnitheli.

Don- --with surrounding fire
Ni- --with wings
Che- --with vestigial (small) wings
Hy- --with multiple wings
Tu- --with insect wings

-da --with long body hair (fuzzy)
-cheda --with a ridge of long hair down the spine from the mane to the tail.

Each body type has some distinctive body features.

Theli--long legs and arabian type head & body.

Yeva--May have proportinatly long or shorter legs. Will always have long fuzzy fetlocks enveloping the feet (exclusive trait). May have a draft-horse head (exclusive trait).

Nai--Shorter legs, may have a shorter head. Although all classes may carry ornementation, a Nai class Paint will always have some.

Body Types Illustrated

Wing Types Illustrated

Other Suffixes & Prefixes Illustrated

An Illustrated Combination