Crystal Unicorns

More Crystal Unicorns....a bright mare with a coat like new flames takes off into the sky. A stallion runs along the ground below her, keeping pace with movements like quick flowing water.

Riysha's'Sha Rasha'tri'kalla'Epon

Name: Riysha's'Sha
Meaning: Heaven's Fire
ID: 113
Gender: Mare
Species: Crystal Unicorn
Mother: Wild
Father: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Current Band: Zteksias
From: ShatterStars
Name: Rasha'tri'kalla'Epon
Meaning: Gem of the Sea
ID: 114
Gender: Stallion
Species: Crystal Unicorn
Mother: Jesen'Kze
Father: Llevin'Celi
Birth Band: Dalli'trolai
Current Band: Zteksias
From: ShatterStars

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